Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 20, 2014

Unpacking, laundry, repacking

In case you’re wondering what post-camp laundry looks like for those of us who don’t send it to a laundry service (no judgment!!! I totally understand the appeal!).


This is at least six loads of laundry, not including the comforters and a local friend’s full laundry bag that Dori took home since it was left at camp two weeks earlier.


Missing from this pile are Zack’s two favorite sweatshirts, a bottom camp sheet, and at least four pairs of Zack’s socks. Mostly, though we’re very bummed about the sweatshirts, and we’re hoping that when we get the bunk address list, that we can find out who got those sweatshirts and ask them to ship them back to us.


Dori brought home this felt thing to honor third year campers. In Dori style, she added “My children are (3rd. year campers) at NJ..camps, which means I tried to get rid of them 3 times, but they keep coming home.” I love my kids! And the editor in me is DYING over the period after 3rd. Dying. I am dying.

Zack brought home an actual medal he won. For sports? For camper of the month? For fastest rope climbing? Nope. For fastest Fun Pack M&M color sorting. Proud mom. He can sort the colors in a Fun Pack of M&Ms in 10 seconds. You can challenge him next time you see him – just bring the M&Ms because we don’t have those packs at home.

The kids are actually away for ANOTHER week of camp, this one through our synagogue youth group. The kids got on the bus without even saying good bye to me. I don’t think that’s because they’re excited to go (they don’t know what to expect, other than we told them it was Jew Camp, and they had to bring kippot and make sure their underwear didn’t show through any part of their clothes – it’s a modesty thing). I think they were embarrassed to be seen in public with me, even though I took a shower that day and didn’t even attempt a big smooch. Packing took about 30 minutes, and none of us bothered folding any of the clothes. We just shoved them into the duffle and made sure there were enough, since they don’t do laundry. No sheets this time – only sleeping bags, which is fine since Zack slept in his sleeping bag the whole month at camp last time.



  1. I thought it was GTL not ULR

  2. M&M sorter medal? Oh Debbie, camp post NEVER disappoint. Thank you!

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