Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 29, 2014

Lake Hopatcong

We spent the weekend learning how to say Lake Hopatcong. It doesn’t look that hard, does it? Well if you live in New Jersey, you pronounce it La-ka-PACK-ong, as though it is one word. We’re still practicing.

lake hopatcong

A view of Lake Hapatcong

 (Photo by Terry Ballard/Flickr. License)

Our friends took us out on their boat for a tour of the lake, which was gorgeous. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera, which was a mistake. Along with a lot of cottages, there were some big, beautiful mansions. And boat houses that were truly houses. Like this one, and this one, and these.

And a miniature Statue of Liberty that you can see here.

We saw the two car ferry going from Raccoon Island to the mainland. It’s pulled by an underwater cable.

Lake Hopacong (which we still can’t pronounce without thinking about it first) is New Jersey’s largest freshwater body, about a 50 minute drive from our home, as long as you don’t put the wrong address into the GPS system. Not that we did that of course.

It was created by the damming/flooding of two ponds, and a river. Along with two yacht clubs (one which of course did not used to admit Jews, so the Jews started their own), there are several restaurants and a store you can pull up to in your boat. Dock and dine!

If you’re not a home owner here, you can still visit a public beach at Lake Hopacong State Park, and launch your boat from a public dock, Lee’s Marina. Our host told us that day boaters like to come and park their boat to party all day in a certain spot, and locals will come and park too, making all their social plans. We saw a police boat there as well, who is allowed to board any boat to ensure that all safety equipment is available, as required by law. We saw the cop go up to one boat seemingly inhabited by a lone male. It appeared to me that the male had no clothes on, though perhaps from my angle, I was missing some short shorts. Too bad I didn’t bring binoculars!


  1. Hop- a-Kong (as in hitch a ride on that monkey who once terrorized Manhattan) or is this liberal fou fou Northern Californian with no duscernable accent more whacky and out-to-lunch than normal? Seems perfectly logical to me. (the monkey part, not the out-to-lunch part)

  2. I spent some summer days on the lake when I was a young child. We had family friends who owned a home on the lake and they would take us out on their boat. My great aunt and uncle owned a small summer “shack” on the lake and they too would take us out on a boat. My great uncle tried to teach me to fish but I couldn’t handle using the yucky worms as bait. Thanks for bringing back some fun memories.

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