Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 2, 2014

The Mystery Cucumber

You’ve heard stories about women who show up at the hospital with stomach pain, not realizing that they were pregnant? Yeah, well the same thing happened to me today. No, I didn’t have a baby. I had a cucumber.


I actually grew this!

Now those who follow my gardening posts know that I plant a lot of vegetable plants, and basically only the greenery grows. No actual vegetables. And so this summer I did continue to look in on my garden occasionally, just to see it flowering and not producing anything other than these pretty vines that are climbing up my office windows.

The cucumber vines

The cucumber vines before I watered them today – yes, it’s been hot this weekend without the expected rain. They look much better now that I’ve watered them.

So I went to water the sad looking garden today – just to preserve the only thing that really grows there, mint and disgusting strawberries. And I looked and what was that? I thought someone was playing a trick on me. That was a huge (or at least normal size) cucumber. In my garden. I called the family out to see it, because I feared they’d say I bought it and pretended it came from my garden, so I wanted them to see it connected to the vine (it wasn’t hanging on the side of the house – it was on the ground in the garden. That vine has taken over the garden and produced exactly one cucumber).


We saw that it was very spiky on the outside. Mark said, “leave it to you to grow a vegetable that hurts people.” I’m glad to say that this is normal. Hoping it’s not bitter too, as growers on this website complained theirs were sometimes.

So for those keeping track at home, here’s what I harvested this summer: 5 plum tomatoes, 4-5 cherry tomatoes, a rotten bell pepper, mint and one cucumber. I call that a success.



  1. indeed, it has been a bad season here too. My cuccumbrer vines produced three cukes before they rotted away. There’s always the farmer’s market.

    • I’d like to blame the season, but it’s always a bad growing season at my house Stacy! If not for the farmer’s market, we’d starve.

  2. Not enough for cucumber soup.
    have you eaten it yet? How did it taste?
    How much did it cost in total?

    • It tasted just like a store-bought cucumber, which was just fine with me! The plant was probably $3.50 or so, so that’s the cost of the cucumber. Kind of expensive, but it was organic!

  3. […] My cucumber vine continues to climb: […]

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