Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 27, 2015

Happy Father’s Day – I Killed Your Grass

A few years back, you might recall that my Father’s Day present to Mark was to mow the grass.

A 2 year tradition.

A 2 year tradition. Someone suggested that if I wear heels, I could aerate it at the same time.

This year the grass was already mowed, so Mark asked me to fertilize the grass. After buying the wrong product at Home Depot (2 large bags of top soil with fertilizer which the guy told me is what I wanted), I went back to Home Depot where the same guy got to remove the bags from my car, so I could return them and buy the right thing. Fertilizer.

I waited until it was going to rain that night, and spread the fertilizer around the grass with the spreading machine, just like I was supposed to do. It even rained.

Yet, somehow I killed the grass. It’s like crop circles. In fact this is what I’m going to tell Mark they are. Aliens came down and made crop circles in our front and back lawn. Happy Father’s Day to Mark. Next year I’m going back to lawn mowing.

The front has the same spots.

The front has the same spots.


  1. Last summer Dave fertilized our grass right before we went away on vacation. Came back to burnt grass on our front hill that looked like we had a bonfire on it…it took the entire summer of it looking crappy for Dave to agree to hire someone to maintain the grass except that he or Lauren mows it. You’re a good wife for trying. I hope you make your hubby do the laundry on Mother’s Day…just not your clothes!

    • Janet- after what I did to the grass I don’t want to let Mark near JUST my laundry (I’ll trust him with combined laundry). Bummer to hear that the whole hill didn’t recover from the fertilizer. Ugh!

  2. Don’t fret. Mark should be thankful you didn’t put the fertilbizer on him while he was sleeping.

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