Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 6, 2015

Letter from Zack

I know, I know. My kids went to camp 10 days ago and I haven’t blogged about them. I have some things in the works, but I’ve been busy spending my days on the hammock (I already wore one out and had to buy a new one recently – no jokes about my weight, please).

So Zack has sent TWO letters so far this summer, which doubles his rate of zero from last summer. Because I’m good at math. Zero times two equals two, right? I figured out that Wednesday is email day for him, since I saw a picture of him yesterday in the computer room. Only I didn’t get an email. This means one of two things (again with the math).It means he didn’t bother to email (which happened years 1-2 of camp), or he emailed Doug Kaplan who shares my email address only he’s at gmail, not hotmail. He got two emails last summer from Zack, and was kind enough to save them and forward when he knew who I was. I sent Doug an email today just in case.

The first letter came last week, and it was remarkable because it got here. The stamp was in the top middle, and the return address was on the top right corner. And he didn’t use the address labels I gave him to make life easier and to ensure safe arrival. It was also remarkable because we could decipher 75% of it. Let’s just say that Zack’s handwriting takes after the worst of mine and Mark’s.The upshot was that he got his jet ski license on day 2 and was found two kids to play Pokemon with him. And the food sucks. No surprise there.

Letter #2 came today – same day as his sister’s. That happened last week too. Weird. Today’s letter from Zack:

“I got a terrible sunburn. I was sailing and couldn’t find my sunblock, so I used the camp’s which has like 15 SPF. It really hurts. Please send aloe vera. Now. also, during the talent show I played piano. Just kidding. I love you! Zack.”

Ironically I just sent him an email last night, mentioning his sunburn from camp photos, and telling him that I had packed him a small tube of aloe vera. I guess it’s with that missing tube of sun block? It’s even labeled “aloe vera.”

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