Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 12, 2015

Letters from Dori – the first letter

As I mentioned, I’m going out of order on the kids’ letters from camp. Here are highlights from Dori’s first letter:

“Dear dad, mom, and mom’s army of loyal blog readers:”

“The bus ride was pretty good except someone threw up! They were like “someone has to throw up. Get them a bag.” So after 30 people went “I have a bag but…(insert reason why they can’t give it)” they found a bag. I don’t know why people do that. If they need something and you have it but can’t give it to them – then just keep your mouth shut! You’re not a hero by being like ‘I have a plastic bag but she can’t barf into it because my sandwitch is in there.” Anyway, so they got a bag and then they realized there was a hole in it. So they found about 5 other hole-y bags and just put them together for the girl to barf in. I was imagining the poor girl getting off the bus holding a bag of her own puke and a counselor saying “welcome to camp! Let me carry that bag for you!”

“Every single counsellor was like “hi! What’s your name? Is this your first year?” No kidding, about 5 people on the bus plus the lady checking my hair for lice asked (I don’t have lice, FYI).”

“When you write back, can you tell me how to spell that (counselor)? Someone said counselor, someone else said counsellor, and someone else said councelor so I just need to know. Thanks! I’m going to just write “cc” instead until I figure it out. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“You packed me 3 bottles of shampoo, so I guess you’ll be getting 3 bottles back at the end of the summer – 2 from me and 1 unopened bottle from Zack.”

“I’m enjoying the lovely messages people left on my bed like “suck my cock” and “Israeli boys are so yummy! Mmmmm mmmm” and “almond milk is really good.” Somebody’s bed says “get a life and stop reading this. So true!”

“Athletics was fun. they added cycle bikes so I did that. It’s basically spin class. Note to mom: you’re not allowed to use that against me. You probably saw a picture of me doing it but I’m NOT doing spin class with you at the gym after camp! or without you.”

“I haven’t seen Zack at all but I saw Noah, so you can tell his parents he’s alive, if he’s not sending letters or in pictures.”

“Love from your favorite child, Dori”

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