Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 13, 2015

Email from Zack

The boy wrote again! We knew it was him because the subject line was “Hi from your favorite child.” Wait, didn’t Dori just say something like that? Oh right, we knew it was him because Dori emailed two days ago. We’re glad to see Zack’s alive and sharing information with us. Here’s the email:

“Dear moom and daad
i expect quesadillas when i get home. im actually not l0ookig at the monitor right now because i turned it around after other kids started looking at it.ill tell you everytything that happens when i gtey homme becauis vamp 9s amlosyt over . bye.”

Okay got it. Quesadillas and brownies. And his typing by feel is improving! The food items will be waiting. Along with the nail polish remover Dori requested that I send to camp, but I’m not doing that because she’ll get to use it all of two days by the time it arrives.

More soon – we got a long, event-filled letter from Dori yesterday.

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