Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 19, 2015

The Last Letter

I figured camp letters were over for the season, but today, less than 24 hours before the kids arrive home, we got one last letter from Dori. Here are highlights:

“Last Saturday evening during Havdala (end of Shabbat), they always have a slideshow of pictures that they took of people during the week and it’s really cool. They have categories like “in the pool,” “photo bomb” or “group photos.” I FINALLY got into the slideshow! But guess what category I got in? Awkward photos!”

Dori and a friend go to digital media where they take photos and make collages, and are wandering around camp taking pictures.

“Then we went by this gate. There’s this really green grass and plants leading up to it. The gate is usually locked because it’s the way out of camp. There’s a tunnel, then a bunch of woods. It’s apparently the “make out spot” but I wouldn’t know from personal experience (or not that I would tell you about ha ha). The gate was wide open so X and I looked at each other and decided to go in. It was SO COOL! Mom, let’s just say that if you posted pics on Instagram from the inside of the tunnel you would write #graffiti. We took some super cool pictures…” (they then get caught by another counselor who was taking kids mountain biking, but they bluffed their way out of it).

“Today we have the ‘mystery trip’ which wasn’t a mystery but they still call it that for some reason. We’re going to a baseball game. Yay? (then later) The game was so fun! That’s because we didn’t really watch it though. They told us we weren’t allowed to buy meat (camp is kosher) but everyone did it. No one cared. I got ice cream!!! No one really watched the game – it was basically a giant food fest. We got there in the middle of the game and left before the end. They should have just taken us to a food court.”

“Dunkin Donuts was a sponsor, so they had some relay with people dressed in dunkin donuts drinks that looked like this (sorry – Debbie is having scanner issues but the drawing looks something like this). It was AMAZING. I want that for Halloween. Mom – get on it!”

“We just got a 97% as our cleaning score 2 days in a row. We used to get in the 80s, but then the girls were like “If we get three 95s in a row, Elliot (hot lake guy) should come!” We just got our third 95 score in a row. So he should be coming. Also they said if we get above 95 today, 2 guys can come! So Y really wants Andy (the cute counselor everyone is oohing and ah-ing over) to come, so now we’re getting 2 guys to come and read us a bed time story or something. On an unrelated note Mom, I have an idea of how you can get me to clean my room. I’m kidding.”

“Today in digital media X and I put together collages of all our photos. The counselor who uploaded them was like “by the way, some of those photos are in places you’re not supposed to be” and we were like “really? The gate was open. It just looked so pretty in there.” She didn’t care though so it was all good.”

“It’s 2 more days until color war breakout. I know – it’s so predictable. It’s always on a Saturday close to the end of the day on Israel Day.”

“On the canteen signs, they have to write allergy information for the candy like peanuts or whatever. But they misspelled dairy! It looked like this: Milky Way bar (peanuts, diary). Diary??? Come on people!”

“Today we had to watch (the camp play). It was terrible!!! There was a character named Fat Sam and they had a fat kid play him. I was just imagining the audition, like “who’s fat? Hey you are! Can you act mean too?”

“Hey Dad, thanks for the 8 sentence email (not that I’m counting).”

“I got a package from June!!!!! This adorable stationary – you’ll see it when I get home. I’m not wasting it on you.”

“Mom, you BETTER show up to pick us up. I know you are sad we’re coming home and you’ve been forgetting events and mixing things up in your calendar, but remember I trust you.”


  1. I love her! Her sense of humor is awesome,! Remember Debbie… She trusts you! Don’t let her down. .

  2. Debbie, her writing is just as entertaining as yours! What fun to read! I love it, her way with words shines!

    • Thanks Eudora! I’m hearing how Sophia an Lian have a class together. Still blowing my mind that they go from Rainbow Bear to high school freshmen together.

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