Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 8, 2015

First day of school – 2015

Well, it’s back to school again – even though it seems so late and there are leaves on the ground. The kids are at different schools at least for the next two years.


We had a little snafu this morning. High school starts ridiculously early. Dori managed to get up on time to leave for school. She went to her friend’s house to pick up her friend, only to find out that school started 45 minutes later today. Huh? Nothing on the school home page. Nothing in recent emails from the school (update: a friend mentioned a recent PTO email. Just went to look and bam, they did list the opening/closing time for school today. My bad! Granted they didn’t note that this was a change in the original schedule, which is probably why I missed it). Nothing from the freshman orientation. One mention in the back to school letter sent mid-August. Yes, I should have seen that. But would it hurt to make mention of it other times as well? Especially for the freshman? Because the other local schools (elementary/middle) don’t start late on the first day. Oh well. At least she wasn’t late.

And Zack was off to middle school. And he was on time too – a good start to the year. May it last.


  1. How did our kids get so big?…..

  2. I can’t believe they will hold signs up like that. They are very indulgent because my kids would NEVER do that 😉

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