Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 3, 2015

Deer: a Love Story

Something unique happened today. Two deer spent several hours in our yard. We’ve seen deer in our suburban town before, but not at our house and rarely on our street (I can think of two or three occasions in six years when I’ve heard of deer on the street). So this morning after a late shower (late meaning 8:15 a.m.) I came downstairs to make breakfast and I got quite startled in the kitchen. There was a male deer outside the window. He was looking at me. I was looking at him. And then I was rummaging through my purse to get my little camera and my phone.


I looked around and saw his companion on the back lawn.


We spent time staring at each other and finally I ate my breakfast (in front of the window). After all, they were eating theirs too. The male finally went down the driveway and the female walked around to the other side of the house where my office is. Turns out the gate there was closed and she kept looking at it like she was hoping it would open. Then she’d look at me peering at her through my office window.


I was going to go around front to unlatch the gate, but the male was waiting for her in the front yard. So I stayed put.


He then disappeared, so I unlatched the gate. But by this time, the female had already eaten out of my raised bed garden that grew me three cucumbers and some mint this year. She ate the remaining flowers and some plant (a weed) that had sprouted up. Then she headed to the back of the yard and went behind the garage.

eating out of my garden

eating out of my garden

By now, the male came back up the driveway looking for her. He stood near the fence (not even tempted by my dying tomato plants) and looked around. For a really really long time. I kept pointing by the garage (he was so close!) but he didn’t take the hint. Turns out deer stand around a lot doing nothing.

Where IS she?

Where IS she? The garage is on the right of him.


He posed for some pictures for me through the window (including some artsy ones) and then I figured I’d better go back to work. At some point she came out from behind the garage (I guess she was playing hard to get). She took a dump in the back yard, which may or may not have been her first. I’ll send the kids out to clean it up tomorrow. They always wanted a dog – this will teach them some responsibility.

The female returns

The female returns – this picture is post-dump

She went back to the side yard at some point to eat more of my garden, and the male took a rest under the slide/swing set.


Mark’s comment: at least someone is using the swing set!

At some point something scared the two deer, and they took off running through the now-open gate, And then they were gone. Here are a few more deer photos, in case you’re not over it yet.





a little tongue action

a little tongue action


  1. Great experience! Thanks for sharing. Watch out for deer ticks!

  2. Quite an experience and so many good photos. Fyi (which I am sure you know) the male is the buck and the female the doe. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Its not nice to fool with mother nature…Cool deer shots! None had a red nose?

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