Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | March 2, 2016

Weird stuff I’m getting as a writer

I get some odd press releases. Recently:

-crowd-funding for microwaveable soul food

-a press release offering me an interview with a celebrity masseuse, whose techniques include “biting, invigorating Argan infused oils and firmly pulling the hair at the temples to release tension.”

-a vendor offering me (in exchange for a review), samples of pine bark extract which they say reduces wrinkles, as well as treating circulation problems, allergies, asthma, ringing in the ears, high blood pressure and muscle soreness/pain.

-Another vendor selling essential oils offering me a sample and discounts to my readers.

-a bill for a flu shot. I did a sponsored post about flu season for a drug store, and we received flu vouchers to use. It took the nurse 30 minutes to enter them, and one didn’t take, and in the meantime, patients were stacking up in the hallway – not a good experience for anyone – especially when I got an unexpected bill. Good thing I wasn’t writing a review about how inefficient the voucher entry was.

-an offer for 4 pounds of pasta and sauce so I can post a picture on social media about Ravioli Day, on which is on March 20 (though you can post for a month – hooray!). Since I don’t have to post on my blog about this, just social media, I’m in. Tonight it’s #ravaraviolichallenge dinner since the FedEx cooler pack arrived on Tuesday with 4 bags of ravioli and 2 containers of pesto.

-a press release about “why now is the time to visit Hawaii.” Seriously? Is there a BAD time to visit Hawaii? It goes on. “There are typically two things that come to mind when you think of Hawaii: honeymooners and surfers. But Hawaii has so much more to offer travelers of all kinds – adventure, relaxation, family bonding, millennial getaways, culture and culinary experiences.” Again, seriously? They’re pitching me because I’m a travel writer. What travel writer thinks of Hawaii only as a place for honeymooners and surfers?

-“(COMPANY) is looking for a first-class mommy blogger to make a Demo video for our product–battery operated nasal aspirator,  in exchange we help you to expose on our social media accounts and brand website. If you are interested about this, please reply this email, or tell us via twitter. If you just want to get paid, please let me know how much you want.” Dear Company – I want $10,000. Now.

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