Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | April 3, 2016

My romantic husband

For our 18th anniversary, Mark gave me this:


I know! So romantic! Not only does it fit my car perfectly, but it’s my hubcap.


Just the day before I was driving home from Midas, where Mark’s car was getting serviced. He was right behind me when I hit the curb with my rear tire. It’s embarrassing to do this, but even worse when your husband is watching the whole thing. He was a gentleman, though, pulling over and dashing in front of traffic (yes, we have a good life insurance policy) to get the hubcap which had rolled across the street. Phew, I thought. I can just put it back on. Only half of the prongs on the backside were torn off by the impact. But I put the hubcap back on and hoped for the best.

The next day I returned from some errands, and Mark the kids were in the basement wrapping up an anniversary gift for me. They presented the large box. It’s not like Mark to give me presents (unless he goes on a 10 day Caribbean cruise without me, in which case he gives me presents). Turns out they found my hubcap 2 blocks away. I didn’t make it far.


So the next week I went to Toyota to get a new hubcap. After the guy told me it was $95 to order (I already knew this – it wasn’t my first rodeo), I mentioned that I still had the hubcap, it just wouldn’t stay on. “Wait here for a minute,” he said, returning with three long zip ties. My eyes widened. I hadn’t thought of that!


Check out my brand new hubcap! It’s the ghetto version. I should probably go back for more, to secure the other three wheels. You never know when I’ll hit the curb again.


  1. Sounds like the year I got a new car battery…..

  2. Pimp your ride, Debbie! Go for the spinning lights and the tricked out muffler and the thing that makes the car bump up and down like a bronco!

  3. Well – it seems you are your mothers daughter!

    At least you didn’t ruin two new tires within 2 months of owning a new car. ( we took out an insurance policy in case this happens again ) Unfortunately the car doesn’t drive well with a flat tire. 😟

    Oh well – at least we can laugh about it now. 😆 (actually I don’t think dad is laughing about The tires. 😡He did laugh at the zip ties though. 😁)

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  4. You may want to include a pair of scissors and some extra zip ties in your change tire kit.

  5. […] getting to the bar mitzvah party, you’ll realize that the hubcap that you expertly attached with zip ties, is […]

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