Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | May 2, 2016

5 Years

Mark reached a new record – 5 years at one company. Yes, he switched jobs last year, moving to the mothership, but it’s the same company. The fanfare does not include a party or them throwing more money at him, but it does include a gift choice.


For the record, they include a pen/pencil set, a crystal frame, a mobile device battery charger, a clock with the corporate name on it, an MP3 speaker, and a crystal bowl that might hold nuts or M&Ms (it’s pretty small). It was a tough decision. Truly.

When I had my 5 year anniversary at Norcal Mutual Insurance Company, I chose a Kitchenaid mixer, which was much more useful. Especially since I was convinced I was never going to find the right guy and get married. Better get that mixer while I could!

Of course I met Mark the next month, and returned the Kitchenaid mixer that my aunt bought me as an engagement gift 10 months later since I already had one. I’m still using the mixer (and the hubby is still around too). I just got my annual pension notice from Norcal. Yes, I actually have a pension when I retire. It’s not much, but it will pay my cable or cell phone bill each month in retirement. While I didn’t know what a defined benefit plan was in my 20s, I know what it is now.

I know you’re all wondering what Mark chose from this list of corporate 5 year gifts.


Yup, he’s the proud new owner of a pen and pencil set. Happy 5th anniversary, Mark!

And not that we’re still sore about it, or anything, when he got laid off from his previous employer, who spent a kazillion dollars to move us (and 200 other families) to New Jersey and then demolished his department 16 months later, his official end date was one month before his 5 year anniversary. So that means they owned him nothing on his pension. Yeah, thanks for that.

By the way, this is one of the anniversary gift choices for those who make it 15th years at Kaplan Ink: 5 carat diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co. Oh wait – I’ve already passed that anniversary. Time to order the earrings!



  1. Mazel Tov to the Bar Mitzvah Bucher…today he is a fountain pen!

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