Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 29, 2016

Bar Mitzvah Greetings

After Zack’s Bar Mitzvah, Dori came up with a checklist of things adults could say to the Bar Mitzvah boy/man.

She writes:

In order to save the bar mitzvah kid’s time, please fill out this sheet and check all that apply:

  • You did a great job!
  • You got so big!
  • Wow! Last time I saw you, you were three and liked to run around naked!
  • Do you remember me?
  • Today I am a fountain pen.
  • You’re a MAN now!
  • Have you seen your mom?
  • Am I allowed to take a balloon?


  1. OMG I love these! When Dori starts writing a blog of her own please let me know so that I can follow it too. These are hilarious. Doron and Rabbi Corey should see them too.

    – Rachel


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