Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | May 6, 2018

Tulip time

We went to Amsterdam this summer, and in spite of my vow not to buy tulip bulbs, I bought them anyway. We brought home three bags of bulbs, which I planted in the fall. Imagine my surprise this spring when the blooms appeared – and looked nothing like the bulbs which were supposed to be in the package.


Bag 1: what I expected


Bag 1: pretty in pink, but these were in the red/yellow tulip bag


Bag 2: I thought blue tulips would be fun


Bag 2: Not only aren’t these blue, they’re not tulips


Bag 2: a different view of my blue tulips


Bag 3: I couldn’t decide on the third bag’s color, so I went for a mix


Bag 3: red tulip? I don’t think so


Bag 3: Not quite the tulip mix I expected


  1. Now that’s a bummer. I’m sorry. I write a blog on saving a family’s trip — what did you learn from being sold one thing and getting another? (I’m from CA too and in Atlanta now.)

    • I find it funny, more than anything else. The unexpected flowers are still pretty.

  2. Tourist trap stuff! Atleast if you bought them at home depot you could have received your money back and more bulbs but still a good conversation piece.

    • Mark, perhaps less of a tourist trap than the cheese and waffle cookies.

  3. Waffle cookies?! omg. . .

    But, seriously, that’s a good tip about buying things in other land.

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