Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 27, 2018

Letters from Camp: The Boy is Growing Up


not an official camp photo, but one taken as he left for camp (thanks for the photo, Jonathan)

Zack is in a new division of camp this year – “teen camp” – and that means that that when perusing camp photos each night (and morning…and midday) it’s hard to tell who the counselors are and who the campers are, because the males all have tons of body hair, muscles and height. And the females…well you can guess.

Aside from a bunk photo and one on the first day when it appears Zack is getting ready to have a lice check (though on second thought, it might just be kids schmoozing while one girl plays with another girls hair as she sits on a stool – nah, probably lice check) there haven’t been any Zack photo sightings.

Zack is famous in our house for writing very short emails, if he writes them at all. Or he sends them to Doug Kaplan at gmail, instead of Debbie Kaplan at hotmail. Doug is my BFF every summer.

So I was shocked today to get a long email, that was not only impeccably typed, but full of information and LONG. Some highlights:

“I wrote an entry every day and now I’m typing it up to email it, now that I’ve realized my writings are completely illegible…

I came to camp today(obviously). Almost none of my friends from last year are here…The food was as expected(bad).

Hello again! I just came back from playing cards against humanity with my bunk (I did not win). Lunch was quesadillas and one person in my bunk who had 12 of them got terrible diarrhea. Half of fishing got rained out, but we did find a snake. In woodshop, I’m working for something for your bathroom. Light’s out is at midnight, so I don’t get a ton of sleep…

Day 3
One laundry bag(that didn’t have my stuff in it thankfully) was not brought in tonight so they won’t have all their clean clothes for canada [Debbie note – this is a five day teen camp trip where they drive to Canada and back, though I don’t know why they’re doing laundry after three days]. In animal center, we took out the chinchilla and it was very fluffy. While looking for a worm in fishing, I stepped on a snake and it scared the bejesus out of me. some guy cam in to talk about the art vs artist debate and the BDS-Movement. He came in with a clear opinion to push.

Extra thing! I will describe/write out some of the stuff written on walls/beds in my bunk.
-A llama with a penis as big as it’s neck next to a house as big as the llama.
-“Dave loves dick”
-the word mom about a line with the word wow reflected below it.
-“a dick in the bush is worth two in the pussy”
-“100% gimel”

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