Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 3, 2018

Camp Canada Highlights

“Hi mom, dad, dori(and my entire extended family, judging by the fact that they all said they liked it). I’m back from canada! Everybody brought their phones since you were supposed to bring them just for canada, but not me. Ima go over the highlights. Talking with my friends on the bus was a lot of fun. I ate a lot of ice cream and gelato. Quebec was very nice. Montreal was very nice. One person in my bunk(a camper) was asked at the border, not if he had firearms, but “How many firearms do you have with you?” La Ronde [Debbie note: Six Flags] was great. One guy fainted on two coasters at the corkscrews. I went on every ride i wanted to except for one of them, but I heard it wasn’t that great. Anyway, today was “super day” it was kind of like a competition between bunks(we did not win), but I did get to eat donuts off of a string, so there’s that. Love you guys lots and can’t wait to see you again!

Back to Debbie. Based on camp pictures posted on the website, the campers also did some volunteer work unloading boxes from a truck, took a boat cruise and had a dance party on the boat (and took a lot of selfies with those phones they were apparently allowed to bring only to Canada – maybe I’ll read the instructions next time), and visited the Olympic stadium. This is my favorite picture from the camp trip.


Not Zack


  1. It’s nice that not only is Zack writing to you but also to ‘his entire extended family’ nice to be included.

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