Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 11, 2018

Letters from Camp: Jetski and Other Drama

I’M BACK (again)! So I fell off a jetski… I took a turn too tight with the speed at max(70ish kmph) and I got thrown off with my clothes and watch on. My watch is fine, thanks for your concern. A craaazy thing happened. Some boys from bunk 37 got kicked out after raiding canteen without anyone else knowing(they broke in). The best part? they got a box of candy for every bunk in our camp and gift wrapped it, writing “happy holidays” on it. It was quite the enjoyable surprise. After canteen we went up the big hill(dori can tell you what that is) then a bunch on non-teen camp kids came up after. They got yelled at until one of the counselors told them to go back down the hill telling them teen camp isn’t a shortcut. It was pretty entertaining. Scuba diving sucked, the guy there is extremely rude. My friend was borrowing a friend’s ipad with wifi and he accidentally dropped it and the screen cracked all over, rendering it completely useless. I finished the woodshop project for you guys and almost finished another. If you know a young child who likes crappy wood projects, let me know cause I have a gift for them. We had chinese food but no fortune cookies ):
Love ya! Bye!
P.S. I’ve been trying to find the battlebots fight cards on these computers but there’s a firewall. 

jetski action

Zack jetskiing on a different day when he didn’t fall off.


  1. Debbie, thanks for sharing. Zack writes very well. We are enjoying his humor. He’ll have some great stories to tell his kids. Ahh – camp. – brings back great memories for me.

    Hope your German guests got off okay and your California guests came to your lovely (odor free) home. 😊

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