Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 2, 2019

What I learned from accident attorney letters

I finally went through the stack of attorney letters about our recent car accident. Because I’m weird. Here’s what I learned:

-Don’t bother spending the $5 to download the official police report from the (Carfax) site. Because 80% of the attorney letters provide a copy for you. Some provide the full report, some just 1 page. Some block out the drivers’ dates of birth. Some highlight the driver name. Some don’t.

-As a free gift, some attorneys provide a “police report decoder,” which sounds like the red film contraption you get in the cereal box to decode secret messages. In reality, though, you match up to the report to the decoder to see how the police entered certain things like road conditions, cell phone use, other factors that may affect who was responsible for the accident.


-Great advice from one attorney: “So, give me pictures of your injuries (do it NOW while our cuts and bruises are still fresh…it gives a better impression of just how serious your accident was.)”

-When the attorney office uses a quote from Aristotle to show how sophisticated they are, they shouldn’t use the spelling “Aristotel.”


-Do you trust an attorney who has handled “over 5000 thousand of injury claims” ??

-Do you trust an attorney whose phone number is 800-CAR-CRASH? Or one whose letter starts out “No one plans on having an accident.”

-Do you trust an attorney who has this section highlighted in yellow, in very large font? And with the quotes printed?

(NAME) ,

“Read Below to Find Out What the Insurance Companies Do Not Want YOU to Know!”

-Accident attorneys all have staff that speak Spanish. Letters are in both Spanish and English.

-It’s important to call the attorney before you do ANYTHING ELSE. You can call 24 hour a day to make an appointment. And some attorneys will talk to you at any time, 24/7.

-Attorneys will say they have (insert a number over 7) offices in the state to serve you. Then you will get letters from the other offices with different letterhead and different names – but they’re one of those (insert a number over 7) offices and they use the same letter. Some use nice paper. Some use nice paper only for the first page, and then use crappy photocopies for the rest.

-Accident attorney brochures are really tacky. Not really news here.

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