Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | March 29, 2020

How I’m staying fit during COVID-19

After 2 weeks at home, and some lazy gym workouts before all this happened, I’m feeling out of shape. Walks don’t cut it – even if I actually take a walk. I keep vowing to do stairclimbs on my home stairs. Hasn’t happened. So I got serious yesterday investigating various online workouts I could do, saving links, and then rewarding myself with a cocktail (using the cherry liquor Carmel gifted us before she left. Miss you Carmel!).

I decided to start with Crunch Live (which really isn’t live), since they’re giving members free access while the gyms are closed (and they are not charging us gym dues either). I got our home gym space prepared.


explosive cardio

I told Dori she should work out with me. One class a day. And I let her pick the class for today. I won’t let her pick again. OMG it was sooooooo hard!!! Of course she picked the class with the hot guys leading it. Not that I’m complaining. I’m really out of shape, though. Here are our classes for the rest of the week.

Hot seat – we’ll have to bring up chairs from the basement. This instructor says inspiring things like “touch your leg. You can do it – it’s your leg.” “Run your hands down your body. Like this.” I have to find my Madonna gloves to wear to class.


touch your leg

Later in the week we’re going to take Stiletto Strength. The first half of the class is isometric exercises, with heels on the in front of us – hopefully we won’t trip. Then halfway through, we put on our stilettos and dance around, strutting and working the runway, trying not to break our ankles. Because who wants to go to the emergency room or urgent care at a time like this?

stiletto work out



Brooklynettes: Next we’re going to dance with the Brooklyn Nets dancers. Because surely if we dance with them, we can look like them, right?


Laugh your ass off: Next weekend we plan to laugh our asses off. We did a quick preview and didn’t find anything funny about this. Maybe we have to do the whole class. He wasn’t even cracking any jokes.

laugh your ass off


  1. Debbie.Which one of the three is you?  love, dad

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