Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | January 8, 2010

Sopranos – part 1

I actually never watched the Sopranos on TV. I never had HBO, and it’s too late to start watching them from the beginning now. But I can imagine this is what it’s like. Per yesterday’s newspaper headline: “Mobster admits running crime ‘smorgasbord.'”

An allegedly high-ranked Gambino family member pleads guilty. His crime? Running an overseas sports-betting ring. Corrupting labor unions. Making lunch-truck owners pay $250/week for the privilege of doing business in prime spots. Making his direct-reports change bar codes on power tools and TVs at Home Depot and Lowe’s so mobsters wouldn’t have to pay full freight.

This guy was charged in 2008 (along with 22 others), and is the 20th of this group to plead guilty.

I guess there’s a reason the Sopranos is set here.

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