Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy – day 7

For those who accidentally got this draft version yesterday, oops! Hit published instead of “save draft.”  Did you read the town hall notes from yesterday? Apparently 40% of all homes in town participated.


Blood drive today in Cranford. Please stop by between 10-4, no appointment needed. It’s at Temple Beth El Mekor Chayim, 338 Walnut Avenue.


Good news to report today. I’m hearing lots of “we got power” status updates on Facebook and by email (still less than 50% of town has power though). The YMCA in Westfield now has power and is open, as does the JCC in Scotch Plains (at noon). I’ve heard from southside residents on Rahway and near Summit Ave with power, as well as north of downtown. And downtown has power too! The stores should be open after noon today. Unfortunately my Bally’s gym in Clark doesn’t, so I’ll be working out in front of the TV today (yes, I know, you feel so sorry for me).

If your block has power, but you don’t, you need to call PSE&G at 800-436-7734. Westfield’s twitter page is posting when streets get power back.

I’m hearing reports that as of Saturday, Springfield stores on Route 22 (Sports Authority, Barnes & Noble area) were out, but Target east had power. Of course that was eons ago (yesterday) so hopefully the situation has changed (Bally’s there was out too). Costco in Union has been continually open, which is good news because my list is growing.

The Digiplex Rialto Theater of Westfield opens today at 11 a.m. Call (908) 232-1288 for showtimes.

The YMCA invites all community members without power to shower there and charge devices. Bring photo ID.


Here’s a list of warming stations in Westfield.


Finding gas is still hit or miss. Someone recommended this site: someone we know got gas at exit 7A on the turnpike yesterday with no wait.  Today is an “even” license plate day for gas.

As of about 9 a.m. today, Coastal on South and Exxon near Central in Westfield are both pumping gas. Coastal better bet right now with 60 cars in line. 120 cars in line at Exxon. (from twitter)


Four train lines were restored and opening on Sunday, with regular schedules for weekday service. The Raritan Valley line is included. More details here.


While life is getting a little more back to normal for those of us with power, life for NJ shore residents is not. Residents in towns like Seaside Heights may be out of the area for 8 months, maybe not even getting to return at all for several months. Read the article.

My friend Adrienne posted some of the questions to consider whether you can relate to what those without power are going through.

Video from Staten Island on Nightline. Devastating images, stories. Much frustration about being the forgotten borough, forgotten by NYC and even the Red Cross. Thanks for sharing this video, Stacy, from the neighborhood where you grew up.

An update on Long Beach Island with photos.

A friend in NJ posted a picture of a thank you note she got from her neighbor. After the neighbor lost part of the roof, my friend’s husband helped them put a tarp on. The neighbor thanked them with brownies, cookies and a note made from a roof shingle.


Yes, now we’re thinking about the Nor’Easter that apparently comes on Election Day (Tuesday) and Wednesday. Between the projected 50 MPH winds and vulnerable power lines/beaches, it’s not good coming on the heels of Sandy. I’m getting recommendations to create extra ice bags using water in Ziploc bags, freezing water balloons, and freezing plastic containers full of water. Sigh. Off to fill up jugs again and make some ice bags.


These companies are offering outage refunds. Contact them to receive credit. More info here.

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