Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 3, 2019

Ambulance chasers of New Jersey

Last week someone in our family was in a minor traffic accident. We were rear-ended, and not at fault. We’ve not had an accident in a really long time. The police officer provided a card with a URL and report number – we could get this report online in a week. Turns out the site is owned by (a fine example of government outsourcing). We had to pay $5 to get a download of the report. Granted, I don’t know how it usually works – would we have to go to the police station and pay copying costs there? The town offered no information on its website.

Well, some attorneys also apparently paid for that report, or had someone at the police station sorting through the latest accidents.

The next three days, our mailbox was bulging (and who knows what’s to come). So far we’ve received 13 attorney solicitations. I’ll open them all up during happy hour this weekend.

attorney letters

Hopefully we won’t need any of them.

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